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Disclaimer: It is best to consult a dermatologist when it comes to your skin. This article is anecdotal and should not be cited as expert advice.

If you're just getting started with Beautéderm, it may be hard to decide which products to buy with such a huge catalogue. But Uber is here to help you out! Woof! Of course, Beautéderm products are formulated to suit all skin types and conditions. But there are some product combos that a large number of Beautés swear by.

First off, it's good to start with the basics. The Beautéderm set is probably the gateway product of most Beautés, and it's a good starting point. And there are some more products you can add to the set to complete your skin regimen. For today, we'll deep dive into which Beautéderm products should be part of your beauté arsenal before getting your eight hours of sleep. Yup, Uber is kind enough to list them down! Woof!

Beautéderm *Night* Routine - Best Combo according to Uber

*Night can be relative, but mainly refers to the time before you retire for the day and go to sleep

For a simple but super efficient skincare daily night routine, make sure you have the following:

(in order of skin application)

  • Makeup remover

If you wear makeup during the day, it's a must to remove it before anything else. Uber personally recommends the combination of the BEAUTE L' CREME DECOLLAGE and BEAUTE L’ EAU MICELLAIRE. Combine these two and massage onto your face... not only will full face makeup get removed, you'll enjoy a cooling sensation in the process.

  • Facial Wash

Let the cleansing begin! One of the bestsellers from Beautéderm is definitely the PURIFIE FACIAL WASH WITH BRUSH. The soft bristles exfoliate the skin, digging out dirt and sebum buried in your pores. It smells so good, too!

  • Facial Soap

Time to open your Beauté set... take out the PAPAINE SOAP and gently apply to wet face. It's hard to leave this soap out of the cleansing routine just because it's so effective. It is packed with orange peel and papaya extracts, plus Vitamins A, C and E. 

  • Toner

Tone, tone, tone! Most Beautés can't live without the DAY AND NIGHT TONER for sure! It conditions the skin and makes sure the pH level is just right. This way, it can better absorb the benefits brought about by serums and moisturizers. With regular use, you'll notice a micro peeling effect that reveals fresh and youthful skin. Remember to only use a little at a time, and gently pat onto your skin (with a cotton pad or just your fingertips).

  • Serum

Aging gracefully is the goal, and you can make that come true with CRISTAUX SUPREME. With benefits like lessening the appearance of wrinkles, alleviating eye bags, and minimizing skin discolorations, good skin is locked in. Add a few drops onto face and spread evenly.

  • Eye Cream

It's not recommended to use products near the eye area because the skin is too thin and can easily get irritated. But with the BEAU YEUX UNDEREYE WHITENING CREAM, you won't be leaving out those beautéful eyes in your beauty regimen! This powerful cream gets rid of dark circles, as well as reduces wrinkles and puffiness. Spread a thin layer of cream under the eyes.

  • Creams 1-2-3

It's time to conclude with the NIGHT CREAM 1, NIGHT CREAM 2, and NIGHT CREAM 3. These miracle creams work their magic so you'll wake up with a fresh, bright and moisturized face. Night Cream 1 lightens the skin and removes dark pigmentation. Night Cream 2 is in charge of keeping your skin moisturized and supple while you sleep. Finally, Night Cream 3 locks in moisture while you sleep, and repairs and renews damaged cells. Apply to face, starting with the first cream, then wait 5 minutes (or until your face dries) before moving to the next.

There you go! Of course you'll need to do your part, too: Don't forget to drink at least 8 glasses of water and have enough sleep everyday. Always check this blog for more recommendations from your favorite Beauté (Uber of course)! Woof woof!

Have questions or topic requests for Uber? Reach out to us (Or use the CONTACT US page) to send her a message (or fan mail, woof!).

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