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BeautéFinds is a Metro Manila Exclusive DEPOT Distributor. BeautéFinds is authorized by Beautéderm Corporation to sell, in retail and wholesale, its products locally and internationally.

How to be a Reseller

Our team accepts Resellers who can follow the rules and regulations set by the Beautederm Corporation. This includes being a Beautederm user for at least three (3) months, and submitting:

    • Government issued valid ID (scanned or photo)
    • Reseller Agreement Form (signed and scanned)

Reseller applicants should purchase an initial inventory of pre-determined products worth Php 50,000+. Reseller Business Package may change without prior notice.

Succeeding deposits and monthly sales quota should be at least Php 50,000/month.

 Reseller Rules

  1. All products should be sold at SRP (Suggested Retail Price) only.
    • Don’t give discounts or change set inclusions.
    • Selling above SRP is not allowed.
  1. Resellers must meet the Reseller Quota and deposit Php 50,000 each month as per the funding policy set by Beautederm Corporation.
    • Without funding, SRP applies.
    • Failure to meet the quota automatically downgrades you to Retail Customer.
  1. Don’t create product bundles or host Beautederm-related contests without approval from Beautederm Corporation.
    • Resellers can submit proposals for approval via the Depot distributor.
  1. Beautederm products can only be displayed at approved physical locations.
    • Don’t sell Beautederm products in bazaars, stores, or any place of business without prior approval from Beautederm Corporation.
  1. Once a certified Beautederm reseller, don’t sell other skincare, cosmetic or conflicting products. This applies to both physical and online stores.
    • Don’t display Beautederm products alongside other skincare, cosmetic or home fragrance brands.

Get in touch

Ready to be part of the team? Email us with the following info:

  • Complete name
  • Complete shipping address
  • Mobile number (with Viber installed)
  • Attached copy of valid ID
  • Attached copy of Reseller Agreement Form