Why Beautéderm?

Back in 2009, Beautéderm started very small, selling only the Beauté Set in 2 sizes - Trial Set and Regular Set.
The Beauté Set, also coined as "Magic Set", promises to minimize pores; diminish dark spots, freckles, acne, and ice pick scars; whiten skin; reduce visible signs of aging; and remove excess oil from skin. True to its promises, the Beaute Set delivered amazing results, which prompted Beautéderm to slowly but surely rise to the top.
In the last few years, the company won several awards, which all the more prompted its growth and expansion. 
Armed with great product feedbacks from its clients, Beautéderm fearlessly released several more products. As more and more people switch to using Beautéderm, the company finally received the prestigious seal of excellence from Superbrands.
Beautéderm now has more than 60 SKUs and new products are continually being added to its catalog.