We are leveling UP!

We are leveling UP!

Exciting things are happening at Beauté Finds even as we speak!
Back in 2010 when we started selling online, our small Beauté Finds online store carried an assortment of products, from baby stuff to luxury goods, and even offered a personal shopper service. We operated via a number of social media accounts, some of which have since retired (like Multiply). It was a humble gig but earned quite decently. 
It's been over 12 years, and the store has been through so many changes, highs and lows, and people working behind the scenes. When we welcomed this website, Beautefinds.com, in 2018... it felt that there was no going back but we had to take things slowly. We didn't want to take on more than we could handle so we had to let go of some products and services. In a way, we were starting from the bottom again, and we struggled to stabilize our store's online presence and grow our business organically.
Now, it feels like we are wiser and bolder as online sellers, and can afford to expand what our store offers - and hopefully, widen our market in the process. We are finally ready to go back to the "old times" when we offered a variety of goods, but this time everything will be available through this website and all our other sales channels! 
Hit that Play button!

Starting today, a new Beauté Finds will be at your service! You can now find more products apart from skincare on our websites and social media accounts, such as hair care, bottled gourmet, bags, and jewelry. We have plans to add more... but we'll keep those under wraps for now (competition is tough!). We are still ironing out some things, and some negotiations are in the works. We are definitely thinking long-term, so stay tuned.
Bookmark our Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok for more up-to-date content and live selling announcements! Our plans include better and more engaging content.
Finally, reach out to us for anything! We are doing all this to better serve our loyal customers, appeal to more clients, and attract good karma ^^. 


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