Making the Switch (II)

Making the Switch (II)

In a previous blog entry, we introduced you to Abby and the skin dilemma she found herself facing at quite an unexpected stage in life. Here is the next installment of Abby's journey!

Disclaimer: It is best to consult a dermatologist when it comes to your skin. This article is anecdotal and should not be cited as expert advice.

Abby's Journey Pt. 2

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Now,  I'm the kind of girl who sticks to a routine, so switching to a new skin regimen is a huge decision. There are so many products in the market and even my small group of friends came up with a number of suggestions. It's so hard to choose, and even harder to actually start investing money and time into a totally new brand. I decided to take my time and list down considerations, which leads us to...


Second: Know What You Want

I narrowed down my "demands" to three items:

 Third: Take the Plunge

I did my research (a.k.a Google and Socmed) and there were a few brands that stood out... and one that truly attracted my attention!

Beautéderm has been around for more than 10 years - it is approved by the Food and Drugs Association (FDA) and awarded multiple times as a Superbrand. Products under the Beautéderm brand are sold all over the Philippines and abroad. It's not false to say that Beautéderm is well-known for its "Beauté set", a day and night skin regimen consisting of a Papaine soap, toner, three night creams, and one day cream all sold together in one pack. Not surprisingly, Beautéderm is being endorsed by a ton of celebrities, influencers, and dermatologists. SAFE = Check!

While browsing the Beautéderm catalogue, I noticed that the Beauté sets came in various sizes: a Regular set that is good for two months, a Trial set recommended for first time buyers to use for a month, a Travel set great for people on-the-go (and it'll last two weeks), and a Premium set, which is a bit on the pricey side but has you covered for at least three months. There are also plenty of options when it comes to other Beautéderm products: sizes, colors, scents, and so on. I find that I can adjust my budget accordingly - that is, if money is tight, I can at least buy a Travel set so I won't go days without skin maintenance. AFFORDABLE = Check!


Loyal users all describe the Beauté set as an effective all-in-one skincare solution. First-time users are bound to notice skin changes within a month, as they experience micropeeling and skin brightening. I also found social media posts showcasing Beautéderm events that naturally attract enthusiastic crowds. There's no shortage of "beautés" expressing love for this brand. Yes, I'm convinced and I must try it. LOYAL FOLLOWERS = Check! 

Finally: Stick to the One

After making the switch to Beautéderm, I witnessed my skin showing noticeable improvements within a short span of time: pimples stopped popping up, my cheeks looked healthy, and dark marks were slowly (but surely) fading. At first, I was scared that I might not be hiyang to Beautéderm and it'll be hard-earned money gone to waste. Luckily, Beautéderm is especially crafted to suit a wide range of skin types.

I read so many reviews and tips from other users, and one that I followed was to use the product sparingly, a little goes a long way. True enough, a few months of steady routine got me back the clear skin I used to have, and I've gotten comments about my face glowing! 

What a journey it has been

... and it's not the end. Since trying out Beautéderm two years ago, the results gave me the confidence to try other products under the brand. I'm so happy that I clicked with them! The cosmetics are affordable, easy-to-apply, and long lasting. I've also added the Cristaux serum into my night regimen because aging stops for no one. The serum helps maintain the moisture on my face.

I wish I could've started using Beautéderm earlier, but at least I'm now onboard and ready to try more of their offerings!

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