Gift Ideas 2022

Gift Ideas 2022

There is no doubt our besties, who have been with us through vaccines and boosters, deserve the best gifts this year. Just right off the bat, any of the Beautéderm sets or December promo bundles is a good choice! For this month, Beautederm got your favorite whitening soaps in one pouch, as well as pamper kits for the face and body - and they are oh-so-affordable! 

December Promos

Face Care Soap
Body Whitening Set
Makeup Set
Makeup Remover

Your bestie, whether they're already a Beauté or someone you'd like to recruit, will appreciate any of these promos. But if your friend is the kikay type, there are two bundles we at Beautéfinds especially recommend!

The Face Care Set

There is no way anything can go wrong with this gift - it has everything needed for a night that screams "Pamper me!"

With the holiday season comes all these little stresses that slowly build up: traffic, deadlines at work, crowds, dressing up for parties, diets, reunions with relatives, etcetera. We already know from past blog entries that our worries eventually show up in our skin... a sad reality. This is precisely why your beloved friends deserve this little bundle of joy... their skin will definitely thank you for it.

While you're at it, why not get a set for yourself? Set one night aside and just spoil your skin! Start with the Purifié facial wash and use the Beauté massager to brush away the impurities fo the day. End the night's skin routine with either the Cristaux serum or the Blanc Plus mask.

The Makeup Set 

Have friends who adore makeup? No need to search high and low for the perfect gift because it's right here... just cart and check out!

This kikay makeup set may be simple, but it's enough to prep someone for a day of work or leisure. Of course, every Beauté knows each day kicks off with the Beautederm set (cleaning, toning and moisturizing), before giving the skin the 3-in-1 coverage it needs with Barely There. A very light application, using the foundation brush, is all that's needed to lighten dark spots and even out the skintone. Apply the Belle mineral powder to set the skin, and then dab the Mardi color cloud tint for an adorable hint of blush on the high cheeks.

This makeup bundle also comes with a classy compact mirror and a kikay pouch - Beautés can't have enough pouches, right?

We love everyone that supports BeautéFinds, and as our thanks - each promo bundle comes with a little extra! That's right, we offer free gift wrapping for every purchase that exceeds Php 1,000To avail, simply request for this service when you order from us via FB, IG or this website (use the code "FREEGIFTWRAP" during checkout). Yes, let us save you the time, effort (and materials) of wrapping stuff up, and you'll end up with a perfect looking gift. 

For sure, you'll get that top spot in your buddies' hearts with these beautéful gifts! While it's great to spread the love, don't forget to reward yourself for a year well done as well!

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