Food flex: RKitchen

Food flex: RKitchen

What starts with the letter G and comes in a bottle?

If you answered Genie, you're correct. But there's another one that may come as a surprise... that is, Gourmet in a bottle! 

Yup, and it's totally possible with RKitchen Premium Bottled Gourmet. There are many variants to choose from, but each comes with one guarantee: high quality preserved Pinoy favorite.


Our best-selling gourmet bottles are made from premium and fresh ingredients! RKitchen bottles are:

  • All natural
  • FDA approved
  • Free from preservatives
  • HALAL certified

It is 100% clean and safe for consumption. 


How do I eat this?

So many ways... bottled gourmet is flexible and easy to work with, whether you love cooking or prefer ready-to-eat alternatives. 

If you're an expert in the kitchen, you can probably guess how our bottled gourmet can enrich even the most basic dish. Even if you don't know how to cook, you'll find that our delightful bottles deserve to be staples in your kitchen pantry.

  • Eat straight from the bottle. Yes, just like a snack.

  • Scoop a little from the bottle and eat it with hot rice... simple but hits the spot.

  • With variants that range from salty to tangy to spicy, you can transform morning fried rice so that it goes well with any leftover veggies you may have from dinner.

  • Trend with your own spin to sushi (baked or otherwise), or maybe kimbap.

  • Great as a pasta dish because a little goes a long way with each gourmet bottle bursting with flavor.  
  • Serve it with bread as an appetizer combo, or even as your main sandwich filling.

  • Mix it with salad and chomp away... you won't even need additional dressing.

  • It's also a great soup topping, especially the Chili Garlic Oil variant. You can try it with any instant ramen right now.

  • Need a quick dip for your chips, toast, veggie stick, etcetera? We volunteer any of our Burong variants, or the Chili Garlic Oil for an extra kick.
From main dish to condiments, we have you covered! You can get creative and end up with a to-crave-for dish that your family and friends will be praising for days!

Amazing, what else?

With RKitchen Premium Bottled Gourmet, there are no leftovers. You'll want to make sure you always have it in stock. In fact, it may not even stay in your kitchen for long...

And the prices are very reasonable since you get a 250 gram bottle that's siksik with premium goodness! 

 Php 280.00 Php 290.00 Php 300.00 Php 340.00 Php 350.00
Burong Isda

Spicy Burong Isda

Burong Hipon

Chili Garlic Oil

Spicy Burong Hipon

Garlic Tinapa

Garlic Tuyo

Adobong Tinapa

Spicy Garlic Tinapa

Lemon Garlic Tinapa

Sweet and Spicy Tuyo

Spicy Garlic Tuyo in Vinegar

Spicy Adobong Tinapa

Can you deliver to...

Based overseas and missing that distinct Filipino flavor? It's just not the same when your favorite seafood is served abroad even if they came from the same ocean, right? RKitchen Premium Bottled Gourmet can fill the void by delivering that taste you've been longing for.

Our bottled gourmet tuyo or tinapa, burong and chili oil can be shipped abroad. Simply order from our site! Be sure to share this info with fellow kababayans and celebrate the next occasion as if you're back in Pinas

Keep visiting this blog for recipes and serving suggestions using RKitchen Premium Bottled Gourmet!  

For any inquiries related to our product(s) and/or the content of this article, REACH OUT TO US (OR USE THE CONTACT US PAGE).

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